Gourmet Farmer Afloat - Directors Statement

Josh Martin - Director, Gourmet Farmer Afloat On Location - West Coast, Tasmania

Planning a circumnavigation of Tasmania is no easy task. Tasmania’s weather is fickle. The Southern Ocean swell crashes across the coast, driven by Antarctic winds, and to the west, the nearest landmass is literally half a world away in South America!

But as anyone who has ever spent any time on a boat will tell you - the biggest challenge is interpersonal relationships. Living for months in cramped conditions, with limited water and shower facilities will put any friendship to the test. Will everyone get on?

Thankfully, the answer in this case is a resounding yes. Matthew, Nick and Ross are wonderful people. What you see on camera is exactly what you get behind the scenes. Matthew’s authenticity is the real deal; Nick’s passion and enthusiasm are un-feigned, and Ross really is one of the hardest working, funniest people you’ll ever meet.

This makes shooting a series like this a whole lot easier. It truly is a fly-on-the-wall style documentary about 3 good mates setting sail on the adventure of a lifetime. And what an adventure it is!

This series is a love letter to Tasmania. To its people, it’s history; it’s food and its astonishing natural beauty. I think viewers will be surprised by this small island’s rich history; a history that stretches back many thousands of years. I never knew that the French had such cordial relations with the First Tasmanians. Or that Bass and Flinders may have been more than just friends. There are stories of cannibal convicts, Italian entrepreneurs and Chinese tin miners who built Tasmania’s first casino nearly 100 years before Hobart’s Wrest Point.

Matthew, Nick and Ross’s passion for food also can’t be understated and this series has given us the chance to delve deeper into the provenance of Tassie produce – from native foods like abalone and crayfish, to more modern imports like Cape Grim beef, potatoes and whiskey.

So thank you Tasmania, but also, sorry. Your slice of paradise is about to be showcased to the rest of the world and the secret will be out. I have a sneaking suspicion you’re about to be inundated by even more people from across the seas.


Director, Producer, Writer - Gourmet Farmer Afloat